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Catholic Schools Week

Faith, Knowledge and Service: In Our Students

Where would we be without our outstanding students?  Schools celebrate them during National Catholic Schools Week by planning enjoyable and meaningful activities for them and recognizing their accomplishments. They encourage students to reflect on the benefits of Catholic education and how the grounding in faith, knowledge and service it provides will help them throughout their lives.


Plan Your Day

Adapt the following ideas to make this a special day for students at your school:




  • Brainstorm the benefits. Have each class brainstorm ways they benefit from a Catholic education. Record the results on a poster and display all the posters in the cafeteria, gym and narthex of the church.
  • Take time to pray. As a school or in individual classes, have students organize and conduct a prayer service. They can choose a theme—such as world peace or a saint such as Saint Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of Catholic schools.
  • Honor student achievement. Organize a school-wide assembly to recognize students for a variety of accomplishments, from academic achievement to artistic endeavors to community service to positive attitudes that light up the whole school.


How Others Celebrate


Here are some ideas from last year: Buddy Day is a yearly event at many schools that encourages responsibility and friendship. At the School of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales in Bennington, Vermont, older students teamed with younger ones for an activity of the pair’s choosing, from playing board games to creating art projects to painting nails. At St. Mary Catholic School in Burlington, Wisconsin, younger and older buddy classes wore the same color shirt and participated in service projects together, At Queen of Peace Catholic School in Mesa, Arizona, students paired up to enjoy activities such as reading, playing math games and conducting science experiments like volcano building.






Reward Incentive Notecards
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“Questions of Faith: A Workbook Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church” Publication
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Rain or Shine Come Have a Good Time!!







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