Dear Friends,

    As you begin preparations for marriage, the parish family of St. Mark would first like to assure you of our prayers as you approach this special sacrament. The commitment which you are making is an important sign for all of us of God's enduring love and faithfulness for his people. We share your excitement and joy!

    The final months proceeding your wedding day are an opportunity for you to explore for one another and your hopes and dreams for the future. Marriage preparation deepens your personal faith, particularly if one or both of you have grown somewhat indifferent over the practice of your faith. As Christians, we believe that the decision to marry not only affects out relationship with one another, but also our relationship with God. The commitment and dedication called for in the marriage vows will only make sense if the husband and wife see their relationship with God as being uniquely centered in one another. Thus, the sacredness of your married life together is most appropriately signified by celebrating the marriage ceremony in a church and in the midst of the Christian community. The pastoral team made up of priests, deacons, pastoral associate, and sponsor couple, is here to help you in the process of strengthening and nurturing your relationship with each other and with God. 


Rev. Rubin Reynolds


*** For More Information on Marriages and for a copy of our Marriage Policies, please click here!! ***